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For *Pain Free Dentistry Call Smile With Us Today On 01865371160

Success Stories

see what our patients say about their smile with us experience…


Sue Finally Gets Rid Of That Denture Plate Which She Hated

Here are Sue’s before and after photos…

Sue underwent hygiene treatment, we redid her fillings, removed old stained fillings and finally fitted a dental bridge to replace her missing upper teeth.


Ian Will Be Smiling For His Wedding Now

Here are Ian’s before and after photos…

For Ian, he also underwent hygiene treatment, had new front fillings and then a course of Enlighten Teeth Whitening to finish off.


“My Injection Was Pain Free Using Quick Sleeper”


“I owe him my gratitude for giving me back my smile”

I have been with this dentist now for a few years. Over the years many dentist have come and gone, but my most recent dentist is called Mr. Amit Kumar.

He has been absolutely brilliant, he has restored my faith in dentists. I originally had a phobia of dentists and had many fears due to a previous incident and when I met Mr. Kumar this year he was so reassuring.

He listened , answered questions for me if I had any, went above and beyond to make me feel at ease and less stressed, he talked me through all my procedures letting me know what he was doing and when.

He is the best dentist I have ever had and I owe him my gratitude for giving me back my smile, as I lost my confidence this year after a very bad fall. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me , I appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

Miss A.P


“It Was Completely *Pain Free”


“The new treatment was *pain free”


“i am now able to smile and laugh with confidence”

“It is a pleasure to provide a testimonial for my dentist Dr Amit Birdi…and I should like to express my delight at the results of the treatment. I have just completed a course of treatment and have had three implants fitted in my upper jaw.

When I first came to see Amit two years ago I had been so phobic about dental treatment that I hadn’t visited a Dentist for over ten years. Amit put me at ease from my first appointment and was very friendly, non-judgmental and an excellent communicator. He had supported me initially by extracting a badly broken tooth and this procedure was completely pain free and with great care and attention after the extraction helped me to develop the correct techniques to improve my teeth and gums and restore them to good health.

Amit gave me the confidence to embark on a course of treatment to have three implants placed in gaps in my upper jaw where I had previously had teeth extracted. He talked over every aspect of the treatment and discussed all the options available and the cost of different treatments before I decided teeth implants would be the option of my choice.

The treatment was quite complex due to the quality of the bone where the implants were to be placed and thin skin around my gums beside the implant site. This resulted in me having a sinus lift procedure and also a gingival graft beside the implant site in order to give the implants the best chance of being strong and successfully placed…Amit coordinated all aspects of this supportive surgery and explained carefully to me the treatment carried out and followed up with specialist aftercare involved following the treatment.

Throughout the whole process of my implant treatment Amit was very patient, reassuring and was always very kind and thorough and ll the treatment was pain free. Following my dental implants I have now also had a course of teeth whitening which alongside my new implants have made such an amazing difference to the appearance of my teeth.

I am very pleased with treatment I received and very happy with the results achieved…I would especially like to thank Amit as he is so technically gifted and for all his excellent dentistry and for his patience, support, encouragement during my treatment. I am very fortunate he is my Dentist and that after previously being embarrassed to open my mouth, I am now able to smile and laugh with confidence. Amit you are a star.”

Says Mrs D K

“3 dental implants fitted and the process was painless”

Over two years ago Dr. Birdi   finished three implants for me. I have not had any problems with them since.

I cannot praise Dr. Birdi highly enough for the professionalism, care and expertise he brought to his work.   I was not pressurised in any way into having implants. I had already lost two teeth in my lower jaw and a further tooth was failing.  I had a bridge, a gap and a failing tooth in my lower jaw. I had a choice of having the failing molar tooth rebuilt or having it removed and leaving a large gap or having false teeth. The failing tooth could not be left alone without the possibility of infection. Dr.Birdi reminded me that, for a dentist, saving a tooth was always the first option to consider and I asked him about all the options.

The tooth, if repaired, would eventually fail, the existing bridge could also fail due to the strain on the supporting tooth and I would still be left with a gap between the teeth. I did not want to have false teeth, nor did I want a large gap on one side of my jaw which would then put considerable mechanical strain on the jaw and teeth on the other side. I wanted a repair job which would last a very long time and in discussion implants seemed the best option.

Dr. Birdi gave me a full explanation as to what having implants would be in terms of time, stages and outcome. He told me what the approximate cost would be, and I was sent a contract. Dr,Birdi discussed with me exactly what the contract meant. Payment would be in stages as elements or the work were completed and there would be follow up appointments for a year after the implants were completed within the cost. The contract was for the completion of the work, it was not time limited.

Both in the work and carrying out the contract Dr. Birdi was completely trustworthy. He ensured my jaw and gums were healthy and ready for each stage and would only proceed if everything was right. The faulty tooth was removed, and I had to wait until the gum was healed before implants could proceed. My jaw was given a CT scan to ensure it was strong enough to take the implants and X-rays were taken to find out exactly where the nerves were to avoid any damage when the implants were fitted.

I had three implants fitted. Dr. Birdi made sure the process was painless and discomfort minimal. He continually checked that I did not need to pause the process at any time. Once the implants were fitted, time was needed for the jaw to heal. Each implant had a small threaded metal pin to which the new teeth would be fitted. There was no pain during this time. The next stage was to take moulds for the teeth. When these were ready and fitted, Dr. Birdi made sure they were comfortable and gave instructions for the after care of the implants and gums around them and stressed how important it is to maintain the care as part of my teeth cleaning routine. He gave instructions that I should contact him should there be any bleeding or inflammation of the gums or looseness of the teeth or other problems

In the follow up checks Dr. Birdi made sure the teeth were being looked after correctly and checked there were no problems.

In carrying out the work Dr. Birdi was always pleasant and approachable and ensured that I understood each stage. He took care to minimise discomfort and was determined I had the best possible job and had work of which he could be proud. Should I need any further implants I would hope Dr.Birdi is available to carry out the procedure.

So Happy With The Outcome

“I am so happy with the outcome of the treatment and I know I will always have total confidence regarding future dental care.”

Happy To Say My Dentist Phobia Has Gone

“I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with you and your staff. I had bad experiences with dentists and was relieved when I received treatment. I am happy to say my dentist phobia has gone and my teeth feel great.”

You Made The Experience So Calm And Pleasant

“Dear all at Smile With Us, Thank you so very much for being wonderfully welcoming and supportive before and during my procedure this week. You made the experience so calm and pleasant for me; for that I am so grateful.”

I Received The Best Possible Service

“I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the due care, skill and patience that has been provided to ensure that I have received the best possible service.”

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